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Cleaner, Healthier Air is Yours

  • Proven to kill viruses similar to COVID-19

  • Proven to kill SARS and Flu virus

  • No more bad odors

  • Clear mold from your HVAC system

  • Purify the air

  • Remove Pet Odors

  • Eliminate bacteria in the air you breathe

Kill Airborne Viruses and Bacteria in your Home with Ultravation

As is evident by the recent COVID-19 pandemic, it has never been more imperative for homes to have better measures installed to clear viruses and other pollutants that are hazardous to your health. MCS is proud to offer Ultravation indoor air quality products that are proven to destroy bacteria, viruses, and allergens that could be lurking in your HVAC system and wreaking havoc on yours and your loved ones’ health.

The UVPhotoMAX™ uses UV light to disinfect the air and rid your home of dust particles, bad odors, mold spores, and yes—even viruses similar to SARS and COVID-19. Start breathing easier and have peace of mind knowing your family has the first line of defense to protect against airborne contaminates. Call today to learn more or purchase!

The concern about the rise of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) (or the novel coronavirus) around the world has brought many inquiries to us in recent days with questions about the use of Ultravation air and surface disinfection products to help reduce the populations of this micro-organism in indoor environments.

How Ultravation Works

ReFresh™ advanced oxidation utilizes two bands of UV-C light and a special photocatalyst. It operates at the molecular level to stop odors and kill viruses like COVID-19. It is compact yet powerful, able to treat the air circulating through the whole house.

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