Heating & Cooling

The #1 priority at MCS is making our customers 100% comfortable with their home comfort systems including heating, furnace, air conditioning and swamp coolers. We offer most brands of heating and cooling systems if you have a particular preference. We have a close working relationship with many brands to bring you the most efficient and cost effective unit.

Air Conditioning Company Albuquerque


When you make the right choice to call MCS you will gain peace of mind, restore lost capacity, have fewer repairs, extend equipment life and lower utility bills with just one phone call to MCS.

At each visit, the MCS team will leave you comfortable and happy!

  • Efficiency of your air conditioner, swamp cooler or furnace will increase up to 15%
  • Guaranteed satisfaction on swamp cooler, air conditioning system or furnace repairs
  • No breakdowns for the next six months or your money back
  • Family owned and locally operated since 2002


Plumbing systems are complicated – from dripping faucets to leaky pipes and beyond, if there’s an issue within your home’s system, it can be expensive to fix and if gone unnoticed, more problems and costs can arise. Our professionals provide extensive installation and preventative services to restore or maintain the functionality and efficiency of your plumbing. Make sure your system is outfitted to your home, properly installed, and regularly serviced with MCS!


Various aspects of your home and life rely on electricity. Proper installation and timely maintenance of your home’s electrical system creates a safe environment, increases efficiency, and overall, helps things run more smoothly and effectively. Problems can go unnoticed and if not identified immediately, can amount to costly repairs. Ensure your home’s electrical system remains in prime condition through preventative services with MCS electrical system installation and maintenance!

Environmental Purification

The Dirty Truth About Your Air and Water – Giving your family the best environment to live in is a key part of MCS’s holistic home comfort mission.

Clean Indoor Air – Ultimately your lungs are the final filter for the air in your home.  MCS offers solutions to clean the dust and allergens from your air, help purify the air from bacteria, virii and volatile organic compounds, and remove dirt and contaminants from your ductwork system.

Clean Water – Water quality should be top of mind for all of us.  There are significant benefits to whole house filtration and descaling rather than using reverse osmosis or drinking bottled water.


There are many reasons to consider upgrading or replacing your home comfort system- areas that don’t heat and cool well, old age, frequent repairs, lack of comfort due to swamp coolers. MCS is ready to help! We offer a completely free and no obligation design service so that you can see all of the options to give you the best value looking at your budget, energy efficiency and the ultimate in home comfort.