Furnaces and boilers require regular maintenance and tune ups to ensure that the units continue to perform properly, decrease the chance of sudden malfunctions, and to maintain the unit’s lifespan.

At MCS, we are devoted to keeping your home at a comfortable temperature whether it’s spring or winter. Our technicians perform a thorough tune up and are available to walk through the results with you!

What We Do

  • We first inspect then test and calibrate your controls and safety mechanisms
  • We make sure your motors and bearings are well lubricated
  • Take the measurement of voltage and amperage of the blower
  • We’ll take the measurement of temperatures and record the system performance factors
  • Inspect and adjust the fan switch, pilot & pilot assembly
  • Examine and clean the burners when necessary
  • Examine the heat exchanger for cracks and deterioration
  • Evaluate and record carbon monoxide levels
  • Examine the flue pipe and gas line for any leakage
  • Test then calibrate the thermostat
  • Examine and clean air filter or replace it (customer’s option)
  • Perform an overall system evaluation