MCS Technical Support and Mechanical Maintenance Program

When your mechanical systems are properly maintained, they will continue to:

  • Save You Money
  • Maintain a Comfortable Work Environment
  • Retain Comfortable Customers
  • Sustain Efficient Employees
  • Ensure Computers and Critical Systems Operate Smoothly

Keep your systems safe, reliable and running at peak efficiency with the MCS Maintenance Program.  We will develop a custom structured plan that fits your budget and your business needs.


MCS 7-Step Mechanical Maintenance Program

  1. Develop a custom checklist tailored to your mechanical systems – This custom approach to maintenance will ensure we meet all of your mechanical needs and that each system is properly maintained.
  2. Reduce Energy Costs – Regularly scheduled maintenance keeps your equipment in top operating condition and will reduce utility bills.  
    • The efficiency of an evaporator coil is reduced by 5% for every .01 inch of dirt or film.
    • Motor controllers reduce energy efficiency when unmaintained
    • A clean blower wheel can run twice as long
    • A 10% refrigerant undercharge will reduce a units’ SEER from 9.6 to 8.0
  3. Prolong Equipment Life
    • Letting your equipment break down is very expensive. By the time you’re able to repair the equipment, it’s life has already been significantly shortened.
    • Fan motors fail prematurely without proper lubrication leading to costly replacements.
  4. Fixed Service & Repair Costs Annually – Provides your one source for mechanical services at a fixed, guaranteed cost eliminating surprises.
  5. Guaranteed Priority Emergency Service – Our 24-hour, 7-day per week dispatching assures that we respond to your critical service requests in two hours or less receiving top priority.
  6. Helps Manage Your Mechanical Assets – You’ve invested time and money in your systems making them assets valuable to your business. Protect them with a MCS Mechanical Maintenance Program to manage these assets and maximize your return on these assets.
  7. Improve Overall Comfort and Restore Productivity – Creating the right climate for your employees and your critical equipment creates the right climate for a productive, efficient business.

Guaranteed Satisfaction!

We Promise to be on time every time, professional installation and service from the best technicians with 24-hour emergency service.

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