As reported by the EPA, the air quality in your home could be up to 70 times dirtier than air outside? This is an alarming statistic. Poor indoor air quality can lead to headaches, fatigue, coughing, wheezing, respiratory infections, skin rashes, and many other health risks. These are all due to airborne contaminates such as mold, dust mites, bacteria, insects including cockroaches, rodents, animal dander and even formaldehyde.

At MCS, we offer a Fresh Air Package to remove all the contaminates that are making your family sick. This includes:

  • Clean blower motor, wheel & housing
  • Disinfect evaporator coil & drain pan
  • Install pleated filters
  • Inspect air ducts for leakages
  • Clean all supply & return registers with disinfectant

Dirty filters and evaporator coils can diminish the effectiveness of the equipment and cause debris build up. This can also cause the fan to run at a higher speed, increasing temperature and consequently leading to premature failure. By hiring a professional to clean your system, it can save you money, ensure your machine runs at its optimal efficiency. An added benefit, and probably the most important, is that keeping your home’s heating & cooling equipment clear of dust & debris will eliminate a factor which could be contributing to your family’s health issues.

We use an advanced technology endorsed by NASA which harnesses the power of specialized UV light rays along with a catalytic process that creates molecules of Oxygen and Hydrogen to make enviro-scrubbing molecules. These work around the clock to kill and ultimately reduce the amount of airborne germs, as well as odors within your home.

This reduces up to 99.9% of surface micro-organisms, up to 90% of airborne bacteria, reduces odors from cooking, pets & smoking, as well as airborne dust.


Humidity & Air Quality

The relevance of humidity inside your home is much greater than you think. It should be noted however, that a proper balance must be maintained, as too much humidity can cause mold & attract dust mites.

Health Benefits of Humidity
Fight the harsh effects of dry air and dehydration with humidity inside your office or home. Dry air causes nose bleeds, influenza, respiratory infections, and can even affect your immune system. Even if you’re drinking water, dry air can encourage dehydration which leads to a whole other list of negative health effects such as muscle & joint paint, dry skin & eyes, and an itchy throat. In the long term, good levels of humidity can impede bacteria and germs from growing inside your home.

Monetary Benefits of Humidity
Introducing humidity into your residence can benefit more than just your health! When it’s cold outside, the constant running of your heater can really add up in cost. With a home humidifier running however, you can feel warmer at cooler temperatures inside your home. This is due to the fact that water evaporates more slowly from your skin with humidity in the air, giving you a feeling of warmth! Because of this, you can turn down your thermostat without feeling like you’re losing out on heat!

A humidifier that is independent of your HVAC system can provide your home or office with a constant, controlled amount of humidity. We recommend the Aprilaire Model 800 Residential Steam Humidifier, fit with an automatic control.