Efficiency ratings were created as a way to measure a heating or cooling system’s ultimate efficiency in terms of dollar amount. For heating units, this is measured by their AFUE or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. Newer furnaces typically have a rating of 80%-98.5% which means that it delivers 95 cents of every dollar of gas in terms of heating to your home. The lower the efficiency, the more of your money is getting wasted.

Refrigerated air is measured by their SEER rating, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. This number is determined by the miles per gallon statement for the a/c. The higher the SEER, the more cool air is spread throughout your home for each dollar.

Rebates and Tax Credits for Heating & Cooling Systems

It pays to be conscious! If you have higher energy HVAC systems, there are many opportunities for you to earn money in addition to that which you’ll save on your energy bill. View some of the available options below. If these have you seriously considering the replacement of your old heating or cooling unit, MCS is the go-to for installations and maintenance!

  • PNM rebates are available for 12″ pad evaporator coolers up to $300
  • PNM rebates available for air conditioning systems based on their SEER of up to $600

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  • New Mexico Gas Rebates are available for high efficiency furnaces up to $375
  • Insulation up to $500
  • Up to $300 rebate on high efficiency water heaters

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  • The Federal Government also offers up to $500 in tax credits for high efficiency air conditioning, boilers, and furnaces

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