Solar power is a cost efficient, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional grid electricity. Since the 1970’s, the cost of electricity per kWh or kilowatt-hour has been rising. From only 0.02 cents in 1973 to roughly 0.16 cents in 2016. Specifically in New Mexico, electricity rates have increased by over 48% in the past 10 years alone! So as the cost of electricity rises, what’s the solution for homeowners? The answer is simple: solar.

The Price of Opting Out

For those who choose to forgo solar power and continue using traditional means, you’re missing out on serious savings!

Residential Solar Albuquerque

Over a period of 25 years, a household with an electricity bill of $100/monthly will spend:


And that’s without taxes. With a low tax liability of 28%, you’d actually need to earn $79,545.17 over 25 years to pay your family’s electricity! That’s nearly a hundred thousand dollars over 25 years to keep the lights on! So how does solar add up?

After subtracting the investment cost of the solar system, which is roughly $22,204, you make a profit of:


  • Estimated electric bill profit over 25 years: $57,273
  • Plus profit from State Production Credit: $1,940
  • Plus profit from State & Federal incentives: $8,882
  • Plus profit from not paying sales or franchise tax on energy purchased: $1,145 = $69,240

Why Choose Mechanical Control Solutions as Your Solar Power Installer?

Aside from our reliable and professional HVAC services, there are a few other reasons why MCS is an authority when it comes to solar power.

Not Just Any Solar Company: When the tax credits end on December 31st, 2016 – how many companies who provide strictly solar will stay in business?

Quality: We use only the best technology & components to custom design a system that fits your home.

More Power: We provide up to 20% more energy than our competition.

Service: Above all else, we’re committed to customer satisfaction.

Warranty: Our standard warranty is unparalleled to others in the industry.

We work for our customers and will provide an honest quote and are not “brand blind” – suggesting the best technology for you & your specific needs, not just that of a our preferred brand.


Located under each solar panel, they convert DC to AC on the roof before entering the conduit.

Advantages: Even if part of the solar array is shaded, it can still produce electricity. Other advantages include increased output, longer warranty, expandable with increased demand, and no single point failure.

String Inverters:

These connect rows of DC (direct current) solar panels to a single inverter.

Advantages: The advantages of string inverters are slightly less than that of micro-inverters, but there are benefits nonetheless. The initial cost is lower, and the electrical output is much higher – if it’s not shaded.

The advantages of solar, in addition to the amount of money you could save in the long run far outweigh any initial investment. Despite this, many people still believe they cannot afford solar. To that, we have an answer: solar loans! A deferred amount covered by the tax credit, plus extended equipment financing at a low minimal payment are just a few strategies to get your home off the grid and money into your pocket.

If you’re considering solar, consider consulting with Mechanical Control Solutions – we have been nationally recognized for our service & installation quality. We have families of our own and understand we’re all looking for a solution to provide the best lives for the ones we love.